Polyster cap 1-3 colour print logo

Model: cap9
Price:  $5.95AUD 

Polyester Printed Swim Caps

Printed Swimming Caps is a division of Swimming Specaialists, leaders in the technology advancements of goggle and cap technology

This allows allows for the highest quality printed swimcaps in chlorine resistant unltra-life polyester. A fabric/material that will resist the extremities of being eaten away by chlorine. Unlike lycra, polyester will stand the test of time against the chlorine.

For learn to Swim Schools printed polyester caps are a way to market your swim school. As most learn to swim children wear material caps due to comfort, fit and the ease of placement on their heads.

Why you should invest in printed swim caps for your swim school

With the very best polyester fabric swim school members will be guarenteed the highest quality printed swim caps

The positive marketing effect of 100's of custom printed swim caps in your swim centre and the neighbourhood

Way to encourage the use of a swim cap inside leasons and an intergral part of the swim school uniform forming a sense of belonging

Our Guarantees

No Set up Charges

Wide range of printed colours and cap colours

Low minimum order requirements and guaranteed delivery within 28 days

The aesthetic effect of a multi colour printed swim school logo - your logo!


Note: printing also available on silicone and latex caps 


Polyster cap 1-3 colour print logo